Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering, Specialization: Construction or Plastics Engineering

Place of deployment
Fridingen, Germany

yearly 01. Oktober

3 years with 6 theory phases and 6 practical phases

Type of employment


pay scale


Fields of activity
The study program takes place at the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart, Campus Horb, as well as at DESMA in Fridingen. Six theory phases alternate with six practical phases. During the practical phases, the students get to know our company comprehensively. In addition, what they have learned in theory can be put into practice. The program ends with the bachelor's thesis. Here, a practice-related problem is solved by applying the theoretical and practical knowledge. Your fields of activity (design engineering) are: Designing, i.e. conceptualizing, drafting and designing machine components according to specific applications, creating technical drawings, parts lists and performing calculations. Your fields of activity (plastics technology) are: Working out projects in the application technology department, planning and designing machines according to customer-specific requirements as well as development. Written examinations take place at the end of each theoretical phase. The program ends after three years with the bachelor's examination.

Postgraduate studies in industrial engineering MBA postgraduate studies

Participation in training courses, seminars and courses

Educational qualifications
Advanced technical college entrance qualification or general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification