China is already the largest consumer of rubber in the world and is developing at a high level in terms of both quantity and quality.

ni hao from wuxi

DESMA China aims to achieve high targets in the next 10 years. We are confident that the Chinese market will continue to change comprehensively during this period. With developments we can’t even imagine today. Megatrends such as electromobility, environmental protection, energy efficiency, high-end manufacturing solutions, and the aging of society and developments in western China will bring profound changes – and thus also new opportunities for the rubber and silicone industry.

We at DESMA China will follow these megatrends and continuously improve our products, services and processes in line with market requirements.

DESMA CHINA successfully asserts itself in the world’s largest growth market.

China is already the world’s largest consumer of rubber and is evolving qualitatively and quantitatively at a high level. Against this backdrop, we recognize the wishes of our Chinese customers for speed, automated solutions, new processes and efficient production solutions and working methods every day.

Compared to other sites, DESMA China must be particularly flexible because requirements often change at short notice. Our market is complex and highly dynamic, which is why we have to take situation- specific and customer-oriented action in a large number of projects – e.g. with special solutions and especially fast response times.


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One look at the very young average age of our employees makes it possible to immediately recognize the dynamics and energy of the team at our disposal. We make expert use of these characteristics in the good collaboration with our German and Indian colleagues in market, customer and the company development for the success of DESMA. We face competitors convinced that we have the better product portfolio and the better team, and that we demonstrate higher performance in the market.

In terms of the challenges inherent with the shift in generation in corporate culture, we are ideally equipped, also in terms of customers. The same applies to managing our upcoming growth.

For instance, we are also in the process of strengthening teamwork. Ongoing teambuilding measures, implemented within the framework of the One Team initiative, are an enormous help.

We also ensure that our corporate culture remains at a high level. We regularly organize joint activities such as climbing or running and company outings. Our private and working lives are strongly intertwined – we enjoy this very much!

»Bamboo is the ideal symbol of our corporate development – also in China.«

Haozhong Chen, Managing Director Wuxi

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