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DESMA USA has a diversified portfolio of products and services that provide innovative solutions for rubber and silicone injection molding.


One of the biggest transformations that DESMA USA has observed in the last 10 years is the methods in how we provide service to our customers.  Remote diagnostics was in its infancy stages 10 years ago. Today our Customer Care Center (CCC) has various digital service products (Remos, Smart Wall and Smart Connect) that allow us to touch customers quickly, and effectively without stepping foot in the customers’ facility.

Another big change at DESMA USA 10 years ago vs. today is the manufacture and supply of tooling and CRB systems. 10 years ago DESMA USA did not manufacture in the United States. Today our NAMC division (North American Manufacturing Center) specializes in the design production and testing of molds and cold runner systems.  NAMC is a now a driving force in our business

Looking forward 10 years into the future, the NAMC team will push the boundaries of innovation in the manufacture and design of our products.  DESMA USA will continue to invest in 5-axis milling and precision turning equipment, cutting edge design software and will grow our employee training programs.  We will expand our mold and cold runner competence to reduce lead time and increase productivity for customers. 

DESMA USA’s future will incorporate more robust internal processes as the organization migrates to a global ERP system. With an eye to potential, the management team is process mapping the business and identifying tools to streamline reporting, improve customer relationships and further evolve our efficiency.

A strong team – worldwide and at DESMA USA.

Our ambitious goals are coordinated around the DESMA global ONE TEAM strategy that reflects management processes to better serve our customers. 

Although we are a global company, DESMA USA is still small enough to live our values at a local level.  We work hard and smart and celebrate our successes!

DESMA USA places a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing amongst our team. We are constantly communicating internally to deal with a variety of changes – from shipping and logistic details to customer requests.  We react in real time to the ups and downs of our business. The company has an “open door” policy that fosters communication, comradery and spirit!


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With our performance-oriented work culture, we offer customers outstanding products and services.

DESMA USA began as a sales and service entity and has evolved into a manufacturing organization. As such, our daily actions are grounded in our foundation – sales and customer support!

Our Customer Care Center (CCC) provides diagnostic support via a dedicated customer service line and uses remote technology via Remos, Smart Wall and Smart Connect. Each service inquiry is assigned a tracking number that allows priority assistance for service and parts related needs. This internal tracking number allows all members of the CCC department including our Service Manager, Parts Manager, Customer Care representatives and others to work on, assign and follow up based on real time information.

Another example of our customer support focus is our Spanish speaking field service and engineering team members.  Furthermore, DESMA USA employs three persons located in Mexico for service and sales support.  

To support DESMA USA’s diverse activities the administrative team provides internal systems and guidance.  Collectively, we focus on a long-term vision of the business and continually evolve. 

DESMA USA also looks outside of itself to ensure success.  We partner with outside organizations to find the next generation of employees as well as organically grow talent. One such organization is KYFAME – Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education.  As a member, DESMA USA sponsors a student, helps continue their college education and provides them a part time job for hands on experience.  The student shadows our technicians and assembly employees to learn about hydraulics, electrical circuitry and injection molding.

Before, during and after purchase DESMA USA stands by its customers, providing complete service and technical support. The broad network of international DESMA production and service locations guarantees knowledgeable consulting worldwide and prompt help. The DESMA team of experts provides advice and support during all phases of a project. DESMA USA service technicians can be onsite or on the phone fast to ensure your productivity.

Information know-how, support and exchange. All the skills and experience of DESMA USA including the Customer Care Center, NAMC and DESMA engineering are available for you.  From DESMA systems and machine assembly, commissioning to diagnosis, maintenance and fast spares supply, DESMA service is available around the clock.

DESMA has developed several training programs unique to the North American Market, conducted by tenured staff members of DESMA USA, Inc.

The DESMA USA Project Engineering Department is committed to creating turnkey solutions for our customers. The team implements numerous technologies including cold runners, tooling and automation.

Training courses range from Process Set Up, Process Technology, Machines Set Up, and Process Troubleshooting. In addition classes on machine maintenance, electrical, and hydraulic troubleshooting are available via our Service Group.

DESMA USA training is headed up by Walter Frick (walter.frick@desma.biz), a 30 year DESMA employee and staff member of the company. Walter apprenticed with DESMA Germany in the 1970’s. His roots in rubber are deep and he possesses a very strong knowledge of polymer processing – from Silicone to HNBR to butyl compounds. After his apprenticeship, Walter was a Service Technician for DESMA before he decided to call North America his home. He is one of the few people in the industry that possesses such a vast theoretical and practical knowledge of injection molding of rubber.

All training programs are designed to increase machine efficiency, reduced downtime, optimize your machine setup, and provide your employees with a higher degree of operating knowledge.

The DESMA USA Project Engineering Department is committed to creating turnkey solutions for our customers. The team implements numerous technologies including cold runners, tooling and automation.

The department maintains various sample tools that can be used to determine processing requirements in combination with automation. After extensive benchmarking, DESMA USA can manufacture the production tooling in-house at our DESMA North American Mold Shop.

The DESMA Project Engineering team consists of industry veterans and young professionals. Collectively, the team plays an integral part in tooling and cold runner designs, brush systems, de-molding stations and other process oriented automation. DESMA has the ability to take your product from a design thought to a production concept, regardless of how challenging the application may be. The Project Engineering Department acts as a single point of customer contact throughout the life of the project.

»Although we are a global entity, DESMA USA is still small enough to live our values at a local level«

Scott Early, Managing Director Hebron

2195 Arbor Tech Drive
Hebron, KY 41048 / USA

Phone +1 859 5256610



President and CEO



Customer Care Coordinator – Customer Care Center (CCC)



Internal Sales Manager & DESMA Training



Director of Manufacturing Operation –

NAMC (North American Manufacturing Center)



Project Engineering Manager



Regional Sales Engineer



Service Manager – Customer Care Center (CCC)



North American Director of Sales



Service Parts Specialist – Customer Care Center (CCC)



Service Coordinator – Customer Care Center (CCC)



Service Parts Manager – Customer Care Center (CCC)



Mexico Sales & Service Engineer



Regional Sales Engineer


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