Moldshop and Cold runners


(North American Manufacturing Center)

Established in 2008, the North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC) in Hebron, Kentucky, has grown exponentially. NAMC has shipped over 650 molds and continues to provide custom system solutions to our customers. Today, NAMC designs and builds molds for the automotive, electrical, pipe sealing, safety, consumer products and medical industries. Our molds are manufactured based on our knowledge of the entire rubber molding process.

A key strength of DESMA is our experience with elastomer molding systems. We start by working with the customer to fully understand their goals and requirements. This information is incorporated into our mold analysis, which includes the number of cavities, parting lines and overall mold technology. Our project engineering and NAMC team then work together to create clear, system-safe designs.

The details of the mold project are further developed by NAMC mold designers. Our experienced designers are able to develop reliable solutions for the rubber mold environment. NAMC also benefits from shared design experience with our mold shop in Fridingen, Germany. NAMC also has the ability to share mold concepts with other DESMA production sites around the globe because we design in Unigraphics NX, a common platform with all DESMA production sites.

During production, NAMC applies the highest standards of quality control as parts are tested to ensure accuracy. All tooling and CRB systems are assembled by our long-time employees. DESMA’s 28,000 square foot facility includes 5-axis milling, turning and grinding machines to meet all production requirements.


Using the machines available at DESMA, our project engineers test all molds before shipment. The mix supplied by the customer is used for final testing to confirm the final fit, finish and shrinkage of the item. Our mold testing and customer acceptance in Hebron gives our customers the confidence that your mold will be installed in your facility ready for production. With NAMC as your partner, the overall process from design to manufacturing, from testing to production, saves time and valuable resources in your plant. NAMC molds are ready for production after optimization.

At DESMA, we know that there are many types of cold runners and a number of suppliers on the market, but not all systems are the same. DESMA cold runners (and other DESMA waste reduction technologies) are manufactured based on our extensive knowledge of the entire rubber molding process. Subtle differences in design, cooling, polymer distribution and engineering can and do have a major impact on overall performance.

Our NAMC business area offers various DESMA technologies with CRB waste reduction systems.

Traditionally, the most common CRB system is a solid, drilled block with open, cooled nozzles. To enhance additional process control, we can incorporate hydraulically or electrically actuated nozzles into this design, making this a DESMA FlowControl system. This capability adds another level of refinement and process control that can further reduce engineering waste, depending on the item.

For maximum flexibility and serviceability, we offer a split block design as opposed to a drilled block, available with both open and valve gate nozzles.

DESMA NAMC also designs and builds ITM pots for injection molding (temperature controlled) that work perfectly with DESMA machine control for metering and refilling. Our patented ZeroWaste ITM pot improves process control with valve gates that can shut off individually for each item molded under the ITM pot, ensuring maximum productivity.

DESMA Engineering is a leader in elastomer injection molding pressure sensor technology. Therefore, we have experience in integrating cavity pressure sensors into our mold and CRB systems, which, in combination with our DRC control system, ensure optimal mold filling.