Hubert Karl completed his training with us 35 years ago as a toolmaker and then worked in assembly until he was called up for two years as a soldier in the German Armed Forces.

During the Bundeswehr, he was able to complete CNC courses in hydraulics and electrohydraulics. After his time as a soldier he came back to DESMA in the assembly. Hubert was also there when they assembled the prototype for the fair, the first D968.400 ZO.

From 1991 to 1996 Hubert left us for a while to go back to school. He completed his technical college entrance qualification in Tuttlingen and then started his studies in mechanical engineering.

In 1996, he successfully completed his studies in mechanical engineering with his thesis “Wear on injection pistons at DESMA”. During his studies, he spent a practical semester and his diploma thesis in an aluminum die casting foundry and machining shop in Mexico.

After returning to DESMA at the end of ’96, Hubert was then project manager for complex plants, tools, cold runners and automation for 5 years.

Hubert has now been a member of the field sales team for 21 years, covering Spain, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Latin America. He has sold over 200 during this time, and almost all of them to new customers.

But what does Hubert do when he is not hunting for customers?

He is a passionate paraglider pilot since 1991 and since 2006 also a pilot for ultralights. Of course, he also shows this to his friends and acquaintances and takes them up into the air with his tandem paraglider – he likes to share this wonderful feeling in the air.

“It is simply ingenious to explore your own homeland from the air and that still with the paraglider and only with the power of nature – almost CO2 neutral” – quote Hubert, founding member of the paragliding club Heuberg Baar (1993).