Latest machine technology combined with the SmartConnect 4.U ecosystem simplifies production

DESMA was one of the first machine builders to develop concrete solutions in the field of networked production – Industry 4.0. In the meantime, a multitude of megatrends have been added as influencing factors. Demographic change, advancing digitalization, increasingly scarce raw materials and, last but not least, the ever more apparent climate change are challenges that can be met with the right products. To cope with the increasing complexity, DESMA has set out to become a mechanical engineering service provider that integrates itself into the processes of its business partners.

Besides the machine, DESMA offers the customer a value proposition and a range of services aimed at increasing his competitiveness.

Decisive for this is the highest possible transparency and reproducibility of the production processes. This is achieved by the digital tools of the SmartConnect 4.U product family, the automation and process competence, a comprehensive range of services and the DESMA ecosystem, the SmartConnect 4.U platform solution, which serves for business process integration.

SmartConnect 4.U Ecosystem

What was presented internationally three years ago with a roadshow on the topic of Industry 4.0 and machine networking has meanwhile been further developed into a platform that maps the entire business relationship in addition to pure machine networking and is also available to customers, DESMA and other business partners as an internal communication and knowledge platform.

All SmartConnect 4.U products that have been further developed in the meantime are integrated and now also available as a total of 12 SmartConnect 4.U individual products.