Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH concluded the 2017 financial year with great success. Sales and incoming orders grew significantly compared to the previous year and the order backlog also increased considerably.

The Fridingen-based company is the world’s leading specialist when it comes to injection molding and production systems for sophisticated technical molded articles made of rubber and silicone materials, which are used, for example, in sealing and vibration control technology for automobiles, machinery and household appliances, power generation and distribution, infrastructure technology and raw materials extraction.

The managing directors responsible for the international group of companies, Martin Schürmann and Dr. Harald Zebedin, are very satisfied with the past year and have every reason to be confident for the current year: DESMA increased its order intake by 21% to € 115 million in the 2017 financial year compared to the previous year. Of this, 17% was generated with new customers. At the same time, the sales volume increased by 15% to now € 100 million in the reporting period. The order backlog increased by a net 28% to € 37 million.

Within a field of 13 internationally and regionally active competitors, DESMA maintains a relevant world market share of a good 30%. While the world market has grown by 3.5% p.a. in the past 10 years, DESMA has achieved a continuous growth of 6% in the annual average (CAGR).

The company employs 565 people at its 5 international manufacturing sites and 35 sales and service satellites. Of these, 298 people are employed outside Germany for the first time in the company’s history, more than in Germany.

The cumulative expenditure for investments, training and development corresponds to 8% of sales.

In particular, the company has invested 6.5 million euros in the strategic expansion of the depth of added value and process optimization, the digitalization of production and new digital services.

DESMA thus invests a high proportion of the company’s profit in its future viability.