Sustainability @DESMA

Sustainability is one of the most important topics of today and the future.
DESMA (is also one of the pioneers here and) has been committed for many years to constantly optimize the daily processes in the company but of course also products and services.

Some of many examples are the modern and energy saving machine drives and temperature control units, the optimization of cycle times and productivity, the saving of raw materials by intelligent use of the ideal mold/cold runner or ZeroWaste technologies as well as the use of EnergyControl.

Other examples, which are not directly related to our products, are the subsidy for the purchase of an e-bike for our employees as well as the CO² savings by not having to travel due to our digital machine acceptance as well as paper savings in the office – the print media such as our in-house magazine, image brochure, manuals will no longer be printed but only available digitally in the future. Of course, there is much more to do here and we are constantly working on identifying the potential and optimizing the use of all resources.

On the subject of sustainability, there are currently two workshops at our XpertenForum USA:
Waste- and Sprue-Free Article Production and Digital Machine Acceptances – register or log in now at: or after the XpertenForum in our Ecosystem