Tuesday is RUBBER DAY: End product ‘Valve stem seals’

Did you know that a so-called “valve stem seal” is installed in every car or truck?

This seal may be inconspicuous, but it is an important component of the engine valve system.
And did you know that this component is mostly produced fully automatically on DESMA injection molding machines? It consists of an elastomer, a metal insert as well as an integrated self-tensioning spring and is mainly used for the valve guide of the engine. The main functions are to prevent the penetration of engine oil into the exhaust pipe and the combustion system. For the production of the valve stem seal, a polymer is selected that has very good oil resistance and heat resistance, such as FKM.

In this example, DESMA realized a fully automated cell with a 968.250 ZOB, a temperature-controlled ITM pot and an injection mold, with two mold bases and 48 cavities each. With the help of the automatic shifting device of the machine, it is possible that while one mold half is in the injection molding and vulcanization process, the other can be demolded outside the machine by a robot and loaded for the next cycle. This results in optimum utilization of resources and thus high productivity. The supply of the inserts and the removal of the vulcanized articles is also fully automated via conveyor systems..

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