Tuesday is RUBBER DAY: Final product ‘tire bladder’ – part 1

Bladders are the chambers with the help of which tires are vulcanized in the vulcanization press.
During this process, the assembled tire is placed in the mold with many different rubber compounds. Inside is the bladder, which is filled with hot process steam up to 200 °C and then presses the tire into the mold from the inside out. This is also how the tread is formed.
In the past, these bladders were also produced by press molding. Injection molding offers the advantage that the injected rubber compound can be distributed more homogeneously and a wall thickness with very narrow tolerances can be achieved.

As a result, the service life of injection-molded bladders is significantly longer than that of compression-molded ones. One bladder holds approximately 300 – 400 tire heats, sizes vary from cars, trucks, tractors to giant mining vehicles.

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