Tuesday is RUBBER DAY: In chainsaws, intake manifolds made of FKM…

… installed and are produced on our machines.

Did you actually know that so-called intake manifolds are installed in chain saws with combustion engines?

And did you know that these are very often produced on highly automated DESMA injection molding machines?

The components are often made of FKM (fluororubber), as this material has a very good media, ozone and ageing resistance. Resistance to fuels and mineral oils/greases is particularly important in this area of application. FKM, or also called Viton, is an expensive material, therefore – and not to forget, due to sustainability aspects – great attention is paid to the avoidance of waste during production. DESMA offers the optimal conditions for this, e.g. with the in-house mold design and e.g. the FlowControl cold runners! Combined with the PressureSense technology, burr-free, optimally filled articles are produced and also the scrap rate is minimized.

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