Molds from DESMA are used in the most different industrial fields. Through our project planning department, we define the most economical mold design and rely on a wealth of experience from many thousands of successfully realized mold orders. The precise implementation
in our production is the basis for your sustainable production success.
Global design principles ensure technical support throughout the entire life cycle at all DESMA locations.


Our comprehensive machinery enables us to achieve maximum vertical integration for all mold dimensions. For the optimal design of gating systems and the basic determination of the mold design, we have flow simulation software available in the form of our SmartFlow, which reduces optimization loops or even necessary test molds to a minimum. In recent years, molds have developed into machine-integrated systems, where pressure sensors or complex heating and tempering systems are increasingly used. In conjunction with our SmartConnect products, we fully integrate molds into the manufacturing process as an integral process component.

The unique mold recognition by QR code or integrated RFID chips ensures that the corresponding process parameters are reliably selected and the correct machine program is loaded in the injection molding machine. We design and produce molds at our locations in Germany, USA, China and India respectively. In our technical center, we offer production-ready molds and cold runner systems for all clamping force classes and for all machine makes. Particularly in combination with DESMA machines and automation systems, this results in holistic production solutions under one roof.


In the mold making centers in Fridingen (Germany), Hebron (USA), Ahmedabad (India) and Wuxi (China) DESMA designs and manufactures high-quality molds and cold runners for sophisticated elastomer products. To meet the industry

specific requirements for the production of various rubber and silicone molded articles, a competent team of experts with comprehensive know-how and innovative concepts is available at all locations.