Avoiding unplanned machine downtime as best as possible through condition monitoring or predictive maintenance and fast availability of service technicians are the basis for high machine availability. With our 5 main service locations in Germany, the USA, India, China and Slovakia, as well as many local service locations, we serve our global customers promptly and effectively. In addition to our main locations with local spare parts warehouses, we manage our decentralized service technicians from more than 15 nations in such a way that we can guarantee optimum availability of service and spare parts with more than 50 highly qualified service technicians.

Thanks to the close exchange of information between the global service locations and the use of standardized systems and processes, we can respond optimally to your requirements and implement a solution as quickly as possible. In addition to direct on-site service, we also support our customers with remote support and hotline services in order to provide efficient

trouble-shooting and remote diagnostics, so that the causes of faults can be quickly identified and machines can be quickly put back into operation. In addition to repairs, modernizations and functional upgrades to your machines, we also offer inspection contracts or individual service level agreements.