Resource efficiency is also a top priority in this series, thanks to the use of ServoGear hydraulics, Iso+ heating plates and EcoSilence temperature control units. In combination with servo-driven brushing and automation systems, as well as multi-axis drives for parallel movements, the fastest cycle times and fully automated production processes are realized. The service-friendly overall design with generously dimensioned doors allows optimum access to all machine components. The robust structure and the fundamental use of lift-off injection units with the smallest nozzle passage holes result in maximum deflection stability and guarantee the best possible article quality.

<b><i>Iso+ heating plates and EcoSilence temperature control units</b></i>
<b><i>Process visualization DRC 2030 TBM</b></i>


The SEALMASTER S3 convinces in technology and design and thus sets industry standards. The EnergyControl+ module provides optimum load management and further minimizes energy requirements.

With the DRC 2030 TBM visualization, you retain full control at all times, even over complex processes, right up to an overview of your networked production.


By using further optimized hydraulic components, additional cycle time savings are possible through reduced machine movement times of several seconds. This results in significantly improved productivity, especially for short cycle times. This option is available for new machines, but also as a retrofit package for existing machines.

Shorten cycle times


By using the machine-integrated EcoSilence temperature control units and our Iso+ heating platens, 10,000 – 15,000 kW can easily be saved per year on an average equipped injection molding machine.

Save energy consumption


The QuickLock hydro-mechanical quick clamping system also makes ‘hot’ mold changes possible within a few minutes. This minimizes setup times by up to 90% and ensures maximum productivity.

Shorten setup times


Especially for smaller injection units of the FIFO-C series, our active non-return valve PlastControl offers great advantages for a fast material change. Especially in connection with the swing-out extruder unit, a complete material change can be carried out here within a very short time.

Quick material change


The process visualization with the DRC 2030 TBM offers the full overview of your production process and is also platform and interface for all SmartConnect products. All DESMA automations are also centrally controlled via this platform.

Full overview of the production process


The further developed ServoBrush brush modules are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have a horizontal axis for freely selectable position adjustment. This also allows the wear of the brushes to be easily compensated for by automatic infeed.

Compensate for brush wear


Especially with small screw diameters and difficult to feed material, such as EPDM, our ActiveFeed offers significant advantages in safe material feeding.

Pull in material strips safely

The FIFO-A injection unit is DESMA’s most successful injection unit and is ideally suited for medium to very large injection volumes. Due to a low material intake height in combination with a fully liftable nozzle, the best possible conditions for a high operating comfort are given.

The FIFO-Advanced injection unit offers further advantages. In addition to further improved injection accuracy, the very stable overall design allows significantly larger silicone stopper systems to be combined. This drastically reduces refill cycles.

The FIFO-B injection unit with integrated hydraulic nozzle lift is used in particular for DESMA horizontal machines. In principle, this injection unit is also optimally suited for injection molding machines with lateral injection into the mold parting line (T series).

The FIFO-C injection unit is ideal for the smallest to medium injection volumes. Due to the fixed nozzle, a very short nozzle length is given. Our FIFO-C is the standard injection unit for C-frame injection molding machines and small DESMA horizontal machines.

StandarD machinery data

Available clamping forcesHeating plates size min.Heating plates size max.Injection volume
D 969 Z1.000 / 1.100 kN320 x 400 mm 400 x 500 mm85 – 1.000 ccm
1.600 / 1.700 kN450 x 510 mm560 x 630 mm220 – 2.000 ccm
2.500 / 2.700 kN560 x 630 mm560 x 780 mm220 – 4.000 ccm
SEALMASTER3.000 kN 570 x 570 mm220 – 1.000 ccm
SEALMASTER4.000 kN670 x 670 mm 220 – 2.000 ccm
4.000 / 4.500 kN 670 x 780 mm670 x 940 mm220 – 10.000 ccm
5.600 / 6.300 kN810 x 980 mm810 x 1.100 mm500 – 10.000 ccm
7.000 / 8.000 kN900 x 1.000 mm 900 x 1.200 mm5.000 – 14.200 ccm
10.000 / 11.000 KN1.000 x 1.200 mm 1.100 x 1.300 mm5.000 – 14.200 ccm