The Elastomer industry met in Pittsburgh, PA last week to engage in conference workshops and an exposition of equipment suppliers, product vendors and various support for the market.  The first post-COVID trade show presented DESMA USA with a unique opportunity to connect with customers in person. The show drew approximately 1,800 persons for this 2.5 day event.

DESMA utilized our booth at the International Elastomer Conference and Expo to showcase our XpertForum to customer’s onsite. We saw positive feedback for the platform and received compliments on the ability to have online training and instruction.  Several customers further requested this content be available for operator training. Our online content in workshops and training helps to onboard new employee operators and remove the burden of customers as they reference them to DESMA digital content.

The DESMA booth further enabled us to explain to our customers our mold making capabilities in North American by showing our milling, turning and lathe equipment. The virtual tour of DESMA USA coupled with the two molds on display at the show left a positive impression on the attendees of DESMA’s complete system capabilities.

Our onsite Wickert partner was able to provide complimentary compression solutions for customers during the exhibition as well.