Tuesday is RUBBER DAY: final product ‘Screens’ for raw material extraction

Raw material extraction is a major topic of the present and the future: Raw materials such as gold, diamonds, copper ore, iron ore and coal are extracted in mines worldwide with screens or so-called “Screens”, most of which are produced on DESMA machines of the 968.560 ZO B750 series.

The machines currently delivered are equipped with the latest DESMA technologies: Molds with exchangeable cores – to flexibly and quickly change the respective required screen thicknesses and grit diameters, FlowControl cold runners with PressureSense to ensure optimum, consistent article filling and quality. With the help of FlowControl PressureSense technology, it is not only possible to inject different screen types with different volumes and cross-sections in one mold with optimum filling level and automatic valve gate, including envelope monitoring, it is also possible to measure and control the degree of vulcanization, which is very important for a long service life of the screens in the mine. In addition, all machines are equipped with SmartConnect4.0 for process monitoring and data transmission.

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